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A realistic nose features many details. But in manga, the style is simpler and often cuter or funnier.

The first character is a little round and fat. Of course you can draw the nose that best suits you or gives him the personality you desire.

Here we'll give him a round nose to go with the general roundness of his face.

As you can see, there's not much need for a lot of detail.

We add some freckles to give him even more character.

This woman has a rather long, thin face, and looks serious.

We will emphasize this effect by giving her a pointy nose and straighter features.

Extend the nose up to the eyelid.

This girl is much prettier. We'll give her a slightly softer nose to reinforce this

Start by drawing the eyebrows, and then draw a very simple nose.

There are only 2 lines. It's slightly raised to look cuter.

We could also have drawn a nose like this.

Well first draw a classic manga nose for this boy.

Start from the eyelid and draw the nose.

It's rounder than the previous girl's nose.

If you are a bit more advanced, you can draw the shading of the nose. To do this, start with the shadow of the eyelid, and then project it onto the left side of the nose.

Finally, draw the shadow under the nose.

These shadows are like those used for the chin and neck, but the lines are smaller and thinner.

We can also completely change the look of our drawing by giving him a rounder nose, like the first character we saw. This gives him a totally different character.

For a character like Santa Claus, choosing the right nose is important because he is a well-known character that may people can recognize.

Observe these two styles. One might hesitate. But the second style of nose might give him an evil look, just like this character.

You can choose to draw him like this; maybe you didn't get the robot dog you wanted last Christmas.

Here we'll give him a big nose to characterize him as friendly straight away.

This girl is drawn in Miyazaki's style.Of course you can draw any type of nose but according to his style, the most appropriate nose would be one that is simple and curved.

Always think about what is expected of a character.If he looks like the first character, we can't picture him as a shonen action hero.He might be a secondary or comical character.It is important to associate the appropriate look with a character.

Surprising your reader can be a good thing, but be careful: your audience, just like you, has preconceived ideas about the characters. This is very useful when you cannot or do not want to develop their background.

A man covered in scars is a warrior or a yakuza.If he's not, they may be there for a comical effect.But don't mix it up too much, you might confuse your audience.

A mean-looking man that turns out to be very kind is a story in and of itself.

If you want the character to look older, lower the nose.

And if you draw a grandma, you can completely change the style of the nose.

We immediately recognize her as a grandma.

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