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We are going to draw a happy face.

As you’re about to see, the features for this expression are lifted upwards.

Start by drawing 4 points for the eyes.

Then mark the location of the nose and mouth.

Smiling eyes have more curved lines. So we’ll draw eyes with rounded contours.

Now, we'll draw an eye, which is rather large for this expression.

Draw the other eye.

Draw neutral eyebrows. This happy expression is illustrated through the eyes and smile.

The nose should also be rather neutral.

The corners of the mouth are lifted up to indicate the smile. Here we draw an open mouth to emphasize joy.

Now let’s put the finishing touches on the eyes.

It's important to draw the eyelashes curving upwards.

A common technique in Manga is to add a little crosshatching under the eyes to reinforce emotion. You can use this technique too.

And here's the result of our happy face drawing.

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