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Drawing the eyes of a girl is quite different from drawing the eyes of a boy in manga.

For girls, the lines must be very soft.

First, draw a curve for the eyelid. At the end of the curve, draw the line slightly upwards to create a softer look.

Since this is manga style, the size of the eye is entirely up to you.

Then draw the inside of the eye.

In manga style, the lines don't have to connect.

Since this is a girl's eye, emphasize the eyelashes.

Play with the reflections around the pupil. To give the impression that the eye is larger, you can add a second reflection on the other side of the pupil.

The pupil must be darker than the rest. Then do the edges of the iris.

The edge should be darker than the center, except for the pupil.

Then draw a thin eyebrow to further soften the features.

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