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For this pattern, we’ll start by making a line with five dots.

The distance between each dot should be equal.

Next to the dots, make 3 separate dots in the middle.

Then, make one last one at the top.

Create the same pattern of dots on the other side.

This will serve as the base of your pattern.

Start from the second point and make a small curved line connecting these 2 points, like this.

You should have a diamond shape when you’re finished.

For the next curve, start from this point and follow the two points facing left.

Then, make a curve like this to connect the lines.

Repeat this pattern on the other 3 sides.

Make a small circle in the center.

Then, from the inside of the petal, make another curve.

Make the same curve on each of the petals.

Next, make some stripes in the remaining area.

Take your time while making the stripes, and try to separate them equally.

At the end of each point, add a spiral to finish your pattern.

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