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To draw Umbreon, the first dark pokemon, start by drawing a circle for the head.

Draw a second, slightly shifted circle of the same size underneath.

Then a third one, twice as large, to the left of the second one.

Place the ears on the head pointing backwards.

Draw a tail here.

Draw the back legs with joints similar to a dog's.

Then link both body circles.

Draw its right eye, along with the circle on its forehead.

It has a small muzzle, so its head is not completely round.

Draw the neck.

Make a small curve, going around the second circle.

The front legs have knee joints, but they are less visible than the joints on the back legs.

Here, we'll correct the proportions for the ears and tail.

Then, erase any unnecessary lines.

Darken the outlines.

Add some relief here for the nose.

Mark the joint on the back of the hind leg.

Umbreon looks similar to a fox, or a cat.

To draw his body, you just need to learn how to draw the body of a cat.

His eyes are pointed on the sides.

His pupils are also like a cat's, with small reflections.

Draw the ring on his head.

Then on his ears.

And finally, on his tail.

He also has a ring over each paw.

Then add some texture to the fur, like this.

And your Umbreon drawing is done.

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