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Now, we'll start the inking.

Since he’s a furry creature, his body's outline is not smooth.

Use this method for better results.

Don't fill in the shoulders. They disappear in the final drawing because they blend into the body.

Unlike the furry body, the claws have very smooth lines.

Because we continue to use the same methods here, we’ve sped up the video.

Ink over the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then the patterns on his chest.

Now, after erasing the sketch lines, add shading and create contrast.

Start with the pupils. Don't forget to leave a little white spot as a reflection.

The same goes for the nose.

We're going to use a special technique for the body.

Use a pencil and fill it in like this.

In order to add contrast later, don't fill in the entire body.

Only do the ears, arms, legs, and tail.

Then take a tissue and rub like this.

Do it gently to be as precise as possible, even though you can always erase it later.

Shade very lightly on the belly to add some contrast, while keeping this area as light as possible.

Now just fill in the claws and patterns, as well as the whiskers, to finish your Totoro!

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