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To draw Totoro, the most emblematic character of Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki,

start by thinking about his shape.

He is pretty much shaped like an egg.

Even if Totoro looks easy to draw, pay attention to his proportions. There are several rules to follow.

First, draw a vertical line and mark both ends.

Then mark the first quarter, which is used for the head. Even though he doesn't have a neck, this will help with the proportions.

Make a circle like this for the head.

Then a bigger circle for the body.

Join the head and body.

You can already recognize Totoro and see the proportions of his body.

Now draw a horizontal line in the middle of the small circle.

The eyes will be drawn where this line and the edges of the circle intersect.

His eyes are simple circles with a dot inside.

The nose is in the center. It's a triangle pointing downward like this.

To draw the mouth, imagine a vertical line coming down from the outside of the eye.

Then draw the mouth like a big banana.

With a few vertical lines for the teeth.

Like a big cat, he has whiskers on both sides.

The ears are level with the eyes.

They look like arrowheads.

Now draw the belly.

Draw a circle within a circle like this.

Then draw a horizontal line at the top of the belly to place the arms.

Totoro has no shoulders. His arms follow the shape of his body, like this.

Then draw five claws on each paw. They're pretty long.

Don't forget to make the thumb slightly separate from the others.

They look like panda claws.

Then re-do the bottom of the body like this, so we can start the feet.

The feet, just like the arms, come straight out of the body, and they're very short.

Draw the claws for feet.

Draw his tail here, which looks like a big ball.

Now draw the pattern on his body.

Make arrow shapes like this: 4 in the top row and 5 below.

Here, I forgot one in the bottom row, but I'll let you find a picture of Totoro to draw the pattern properly.

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