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To draw Snoopy from profile, draw a vertical line and add two lines at the ends, like this.

Make a mark in the middle.

In this drawing, his head is slightly tilted facing toward the left.

Draw the shape of his nose, his head, and his ear.

Add a thick line for the eyes, like this.

Let’s move on to the body.

Snoopy’s character has simple features without many details.

Draw his tail.

Here, he’s in a seated position.

Draw two circles for the feet, and a circle for the nose.

Draw the eyebrows like this.

Draw the collar.

Add two lines for the legs.

Now we’re going to outline the character.

Add some stripes on his feet, like this.

Darken this part of the ear.

Darken the area where he’s seated to add some shadows.

Erase any unnecessary lines.

And your Snoopy is finished.

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