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In this tutorial, we will show you a technique for drawing curly hair.

Begin by outlining the edges of the hair so that their thickness remains proportional to the head.

Draw the edges of the hair like this.

Now, you need to determine where the hairline is located.

We will make it start right here. This point is usually on the top right or left side of the head.

Once you have your starting point, you can begin drawing the hair in the style of your choice.

Here, we’re going to start by drawing a small strand of hair on her forehead, like this.

And a curly lock of hair near her ear.

Remember: You can also use this sketch as a basis to draw short hair as well.

For this tutorial however, we’re going to give her long curly hair.

Draw the edges like this.

One of the main differences between straight and curly hair is that curly hair will be intertwined like this.

Once you have the overall shape of the hairstyle, you can begin to add in the details.

Start by drawing the tips of the hair strands.

Then, erase any unnecessary lines.

Continue adding strands of hair both at the roots and at the tips.

The roots should start from the base point you made earlier.

Keep in mind that the lines should follow the direction of the tip when the hair begins to curl.

Now let’s add the lighting and shading details.

Since our light source is situated above the girl, we’re going to draw the shadows and contrasts like this.

They should remain consistent with the direction of the starting point of each lock.

Do the same for the tips.

We will add another reflection between the chin and the neck, on each side, like this.

To make the drawing look more realistic, draw a few strands that poke out, like this.

Now, slightly shade the lines you made in the beginning to add some more contrast.

And now your drawing is done.

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