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Here's a tutorial you can follow to draw a manga-style girl with pigtails

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Start by making a dot that will serve as the starting point for all of the hair.

Draw the bangs like this.

Add a few smaller hairs like this. Leave part of it blank, as a reflection. This will also add contrast.

We’re going to draw the girl with light-colored hair.

We’ll also draw the ears, since the hair is pulled back.

Now let’s draw the hair on top of the head.

Since the hair is pulled back, make sure to draw the strands in the right direction.

Draw it like this.

Draw lines to separate the different locks of hair.

Draw the hair tie, or any accessory you want, to hold back the hair.

Draw the pigtails.

They are slightly curled at the ends.

Draw a few strands like this.

Since the hair is light, be careful not to draw too many strands, so that you can still add contrast later.

Now, darken some of the strands, like so, to add contrast. Remember, overall it should still look light.

Start in the middle of the bangs.

Then the top.

The darkest part should be near the starting point, here.

Next, darken the pigtails.

Then add the finishing touches.

Add some more strands and locks of hair to make it look thicker.

These lines should be smoother and lighter since these strands stick out from the rest of the hair.

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