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Did you know that horses have a lifespan of around 25 years? That's a long time! Luckily, it won't take you that long to learn how to draw one!

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To draw a horse, begin drawing a circle for the head

Draw a second circle, right next to the first one, to determine the placement of the horse's muzzle, like this.

Then sketch 2 lines like this, they will be the basis for the neck.

Then draw a big circle that will make up the horse's upper body

Add another circle of the same size right next to it but leave a little room in between.

Now join the two circles with 2 curves like this.

Then draw the lines for the 4 legs.

At this point, you can already see the horse's body taking shape.

Link the two circles between the muzzle and the head.

Outline the placement of the horse's tail here.

Then outline the horse's mane here.

Place the ears.

Now it's time to add the details.

We'll start with the head.

Draw the lines for the arch of the eyebrow like this.

Then draw the mouth.

By drawing these lines you can keep the right proportions and also a good perspective of the horse's whole head.

Draw the neck.

Then the legs.

Horses are very muscular. The drawing should reflect their muscularity.

Remember to draw the curves of the legs in the right direction.

Draw the hooves.

Don't forget to draw the knee joints.

There are also joints right above the hooves where you can clearly see the shape of the bone .

Draw the ears

The mane

the tail

Here you need to draw the curves of the muscles above the legs.

Do the same for the neck.

And do the same for the legs.

Place the eyes and nose properly, using the lines you already drew for the head as a guide

Finish the face's shape by drawing the jaw muscles.

Now it's time to add contrasts and shadows to show the perspective and highlight different parts of the horse's body, including the muscles.

Begin with the ears

Then the arch of the eyebrow

the jaws

With all the shadows, you need to first imagine where the light source is coming from. Here, it's coming from above.

To draw the shadows, I use a softer pencil, type 2B.

Then shade the neck.

Then the legs.

The underbelly

The tail.

And the mane.

Now you need to darken the contours and some other lines to finish the drawing.

To do that, I use an even softer pencil, type 6B.

Start with the head.

Then the mane.

And finish with the neck.

Go over some shadows again to accentuate certain parts.

Add the finishing touches and your drawing is done!

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