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First, draw a vertical line.

Draw a horizontal line exactly in the middle of the vertical one.

Then make 4 identical rectangles.

Start by drawing the palm in the bottom two rectangles.

Notice that both sides of the palm aren't curved the same way. This is a left hand. For a right hand the two curves would be switched... as would the rest of the drawing.

Draw an outline for where the fingers will go.

Draw the thumb by extending out the bottom right side curve.

And going up along the edge of the rectangle.

Draw the fingers.

They should be slightly curved.

The pinky is partially hidden by the ring finger.

Finalize the outline.

Draw a space between the index and middle fingers.

Draw the creases between the fingers and the hand... and the lines for the bones.

Distinguish the different sections on the fingers.

Then draw the fingernails.

To draw a right hand, you just have the drawn the mirror image.

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