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To draw Pikachu properly, you need to begin by understanding his proportions.

It's actually quite simple. First draw a square for the head.

Then draw a rectangle for the body, like this. Their positions will of course depend on Pikachu's position.

Once you have this base, round off the edges to make the head.

Draw pointed ears like this. They widen in the middle before ending in points.

The shape of Pikachu’s head is a bit like a baby's. He has chubby cheeks and no neck.

Then draw the lines of the body. Here, we'll draw him with his arms raised.

There's no actual technique for drawing his body. It's just a rectangle with rounded edges. Draw it a bit wider at the hips, and notice that Pikachu doesn't really have legs because his feet are attached directly to his body.

His feet are quite simple to draw.

Draw the other foot directly above his body. Create depth by drawing two small lines behind this foot.

His arms, on the other hand, have small fingers at the ends but no actual joints.

Pikachu is an electric-type Pokémon, hence his yellow colour and lightning bolt-shaped tail.

His tail also widens towards the end. It has: 3 spikes upwards, 4 spikes downwards, and a big arrow at the end.

The beginning of the tail is brown, but we'll see that when we colour it.

The tips of the ears are black, so draw a line to separate the colours.

Pikachu's face is very cute. To draw it, use very few lines, but be precise with the location of his eyes, nose, and mouth.

He has two big round eyes, about a third of the way down from the top of his head, similar to a human face.

However his nose is very high up, and is located in the middle of his face, just below the eyes.

The nose is triangular.

His mouth is like a cat's. Draw it very close to the nose but not touching it. Then draw the mouth. Here, we'll make his mouth open.

To finalize your sketch, make two circles for the cheeks, which we will colour red.

The colouring part of this video is sped up because there's no special technique to it.

As you can see, Pikachu is a fairly typical for a cute manga or anime character. He has very simple features, big eyes, and a big head with a small body.

It's important to maintain the proper proportions for each part of his body. If his eyes or nose are misplaced, or if his body is too thin or head too small, his cuteness will dramatically decrease.

Now we will fill in our sketch. Use color if you'd like.

First, color the tips of the ears pitch black.

Then color in the eyes while keeping some reflections. The eyes are as black as the ears.

The nose too.

The inside of the mouth is less dark because Pikachu has a pink tongue.

The same goes for the cheeks, which are usually red.

For the tail, draw little spikes like this to define the brown and yellow parts.

Now just add some shadows.

Add in a small shadow to define the shape of the chin.

The light comes from above so draw shadows under the arms and under his body, like this.


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