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Today we’re going to draw Jake, Finn's brother from Adventure Time.

Even though Jake is a dog, he's also Finn's brother.

Start by drawing a line, like this.

Jake has a very simple body, without a neck or pelvis.

Draw a curved rectangle for the body.

Draw lines for the arms and legs.

Just like many of Adventure Time's characters, Jake's body doesn't contain any joints.

Draw the ears.

Then draw 2 lines, like this, for Jake's nose and mouth placement.

His face's height is about one third of his body's.

His eyes are placed on the 2nd line, in the middle of his face.

Now finish the arms and legs.

Jake only has 3 fingers on each hand.

He also has a special ability: he can take any shape he wants.

So as long as you keep drawing his eyes and nose, you can turn him into whatever you'd like, and he'll always be recognizable.

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