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To Draw Hello Kitty, first draw 2 squares of the same size.

The lower one is for the body, and the upper one is for the head.

Start with the head.

Draw the shape of the head inside the square.

It’s not quite round, but rather rectangular with very rounded corners.

Then draw the ears in the upper left and right parts.

Draw a bow on the right ear.

The bow is quite simple.

Draw a circle.

Then add 2 sides at a slight diagonal, and a buckle on each side to add dimension.

Draw a horizontal line in the center for the eyes.

Then, draw the nose in the center under the eyes.

Draw whiskers on each side.

And the head is done.

Indeed, one distinction of Hello Kitty is not having a mouth.

Then we will draw her dress.

Everything is quite simplified in this character.

Do not try to put too much detail because you risk losing her personality.

Draw a circle here for her raised foot.

Then draw the other foot.

Then draw the arm.

For the hand, as with the rest it’s quite simple.

It’s a circle with a little bump for the thumb.

Then draw her collar.

Then the other arm which is lifted.

Now, let’s finalize the drawing with ink.

As you can see, there are very few features in the end.

Hello Kitty’s design is extremely simple which makes the character cute.

On the flip side, lines have to be very clean.

Be wary of what you are drawing, and do not hesitate.

This part of the video is sped up.

You don’t actually have to draw that fast.

Once you’re done inking the lines and erasing the pencil sketch, just darken the appropriate areas to finish your drawing of Hello Kitty.

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