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Compared to an old man, an old woman’s face will have a softer and rounder shape.

The eyes will be larger, and the nose and mouth will be smaller.

Start by drawing a vertical line and divide it into 3 sections.

Draw a horizontal line slightly above the middle of the vertical line,

Mark the 4 points for the eyes.

So you'll divide it into 5 sections total.

Draw the shape of the face around the 4 endpoints.

The cheeks don't stand out here, so a simple oval will suffice.

On the bottom, draw a small curve for the chin.

Draw the shape of the ears. You'll notice that they’re a bit smaller than an old man’s.

Then draw the outline of the hair.

An old woman will still have plenty of hair on her head.

Here, it's tied back in a bun.

Make 2 small eyebrows slightly above the mark, here.

Add a line for the mouth in the lower third of the face, here.

Erase any unnecessary lines.

Darken the outline of the face.

Draw the insides of the ears.

Make a mark here, where the hair parts.

It’s important to establish the part in the hair before filling in the rest of the hair.

Then add a pair of earrings.

Here, we'll just draw a small string with a gem or pearl hanging on the end.

She has very thin eyebrows.

We'll give her small eyes which accentuate the roundness of her face.

Don’t forget to leave a tiny blank space as a reflection inside each pupil.

Now some wrinkles, to make her look older.

Then draw a tiny mouth.

Add some more wrinkles.

Next, we’ll draw a large, round pair of glasses, like a school teacher's, to give her an authoritative or

studious look.

There are lots of small details that you can change to make her look kind, gentle, or strict, for example.

This is a style you often see on grandmothers in China.

We'll give her a Chinese collar, called a QiPao.

Lastly, we'll add a pin to hold her hair back.

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