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To draw a tree, start by drawing a circle for the foliage; then draw two parallel lines for the trunk.

Draw smaller circles inside the larger one to distinguish the sections with more or less foliage.

As a tree grows upward, foliage and branches tend to follow the same direction.

The branches extend upward and connect to the circles.

The base of the trunk is slightly wider.

Think about the direction of the sun to anticipate which sections will be lit and which sections will be in shadow.

Trace the light parts.

Then, crosshatch the shadows.

Erase this part, then draw the foliage.

Draw more leaves in the shadows to emphasize contrast.

A tree’s contour is never smooth, so you can use uneven edges when drawing the foliage.

Draw leaves on the other circles, as well.

Now, darken sections of the trunk to make the foliage stand out, and to create contrast.

The lines are always vertical since a tree grows upward in this direction.

You can occasionally add more details where you feel they are necessary.

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