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Draw a vertical line and make a mark in the middle.

We will reference the top and bottom halves throughout the tutorial.

Draw a line in the upper-third quarter of the top half.

Then draw a mark in the middle of the bottom half.

Draw the same lines again.

Measure the width of the face like this: it should correspond to half of the horizontal line with the center being the same size as the vertical line.

Draw 2 similar lines: one three-fourths from the top and one halfway from the bottom.

Put everything inside a rectangle to better define the face afterward.

Then draw the shape of the face.

The face should begin to close at the first bottom quarter.

It then continues to the third quarter.

Close everything down with the chin.

Then draw the eyes.

The eye is positioned on the middle line, about one quarter down from the top.

As you can see, we have one eighth, one quarter for the eye, one quarter in the middle, one quarter for the second eye, and another eighth.

Draw the eyes like this.

The eyebrows are located three-fourths upward on the face.

Finally draw the nose.

The tip should reach the line in the bottom half.

The mouth is situated three-fourths from the bottom; its width corresponds to the length of the eyes.

The ears begin at the eyebrow level and stop at the bottom of the nose.

The hairline starts on the first upper-quarter level.

The eyes are positioned on the middle line.

The distance from the top to the eyebrows to the tip of the nose corresponds to one third.

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