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In this video, we're going to teach you a couple of useful techniques for drawing human body proportions.

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Simply break body down into segments to get the proportaions right every time you want to a draw a person

First create 8 equal parts for the body

The head is one part

Draw a vertical line and make 8 equal segments

First you need to draw the head

The length of the neck is one quarter of the head

The shoulders are twice as wide as the head is long

The chest takes two parts. The pelvis takes one

The legs take four parts.The first half is joined to the second by the knees

The second part stops at the ankle to leave space for the feet

Now you only have the arms left to draw, the first part stops at the elbows and the second, at the wrists.

To sum it up, the head takes one section. The neck and chest take two. The pelvis takes one. The thighs take two. And the rest of the leg before the knee takes two sections

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